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Ultimate Serum

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ULiveOrganics is a professional certified organic skincare brand.

  • Certified Organic Products
  • 100% Recycable


Powerful stuff

Healing serum! Very healing as when I had a rash on my upper lip and dry skin I didn't want to leave the house. I was embarrassed. My friend told me to try this and as I applied the organic serum just before bed- I honestly woke up and my skin was healed! Amazing benefits and plumped up my skin to look glowing again. Definitely recommend.

Elizabeth Monouge

Gorgeous product

Full of amazing ingredients (rosehip, mandarin, rosemary) and delivers a serious dose of hydration. It also contains squalene, a skincare ingredient known for its ability to boost moisture, which in turn leads to brighter skin. I will always turn to this product when my skin needs some serious recovery. I have dry skin and I feel the difference instantly the next day. It makes my skin feel so soft, brighter and hydrated.

I’m wondering how I ever lived with out it!

Caroline Seoighe

Hello youthful, plumped, dewy skin!

I use this oil every night before bed. It smells amazingly uplifting and my skin always feels nourished and moisturised but the real magic happens as I sleep. When I awake in the morning, my skin looks so youthful and gorgeous. It's plumped, soft and dewy. Not a dry patch or wrinkle in sight. I've used more expensive oils in the past and been disappointed but Ulive oil is heavenly. I wouldn't use anything else now!

Lavina Bonar