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UliveOrganics – Our story 

We strongly believe that healthy skin is the most beautiful skin.

Skin is our body's largest organ and plays a major role in our overall health.

Our skin is a super organ which is waterproof, helps keep germs out, helps regulate your temperature, protects your inner organs and helps you “feel” things. In fact, you couldn't live without it!

We need to look after our skin and feed it with skin caring ingredients that will help nourish and replenish it with the most vital nutrients that it needs to function at its best.

As a teenager, I suffered from frequent breakouts which knocked my confidence majorly. I found myself feeling down, depressed and saying no to going out with my friends as I was so paranoid and conscious people would be looking at my terrible skin!

I bought all the over the counter spots solutions, along with visits to the doctor to try to combat this ongoing issue I had with my skin.

Let’s just say I would have tried anything… without even thinking of the damage these chemical based ingredients were doing to my skin…

I could not believe how little products were available approaching a more natural and organic solution to problematic skin.

I got so passionate about skincare and I researched lots of different natural and organic ingredients to help take care of my skin and even contacted a local nurse who assisted me with her wealth of knowledge in the skincare sector.

In 2020 we together started the development of UliveOrganics.

We founded UliveOrganics based on the values of making a healthy difference to people’s skin, their confidence, and offering them a healthier alternative to other non-organic brands on the market. We use only certified organic and natural ingredients for one simple reason – because what you put on your skin soaks into your skin.

With the assistance of expert researchers and consultants in microbiology, aromatherapy and organic chemistry who specialise in organic and natural formulations, we identified some essential ingredients based on their powerful natural healing and protective abilities, such as Moringa Oil, Rosehip Oil, Pomegranate Oil and Neroli Essential Oil. .

We have created a rare product skincare range of certified organic ingredients that detoxify, nourish and revitalise your skin. UliveOrganics skin formulations are highly concentrated and active, delivering visible results while restoring your skin to its optimal health. We are so excited for this beautiful serum we have created, and we cannot wait to share it with you!

We hope you too love the carefully selected range of oils we have chosen for this serum.

We only get one skin…

Joanne + Martha – Co-founders of UliveOrganics


Based on 37 reviews
Ulive Serum

Love love love this product. Such a luxurious treat; it definitely reminds me of the spa, use every night before bed and genuinely relaxes me as well as deeply moisturising skin.

The best serum I have ever tried! ❤

I bought this serum over 2 weeks ago and I'm using it religiously every night before bed. I'm loving the results so far! My skin is so hydrated in the mornings! My make-up glides on. Stunning glow from this serum! Once I opened the packaging I could smell the ingredients, that's a sign of quality! I love this serum! Very fast delivery & very reasonably priced! ❤

Skin so soft

Amazing product! Light and fast-absorbing. I can feel my skin instantly hydrated and soft.

Shop now - The Ultimate Serum 15ml

Shop now - The Ultimate Serum 15ml

Must have ❤️ 5🌟

Absolutely love this product, can’t get enough 😍 Unbelievably fast delivery and amazing customer service

Hydrated and radiant

I've been using this product for over a month now and I honestly can't believe how my completion has changed. My skin looks so hydrated and plump each morning and I've had little to none outbreaks this month. Highly recomend! Also such quick delivery!

So far... I'm impressed!!

Delivery was so fast! Esp since I was prepared for extra Brexit delays. Received in 48hours!
So far I'm finding it great, my skin seems to be clearing up and looks much fresher. Looking forward to comparing again in a few weeks.

The best facial serum ever

I've been using this for the past month and can honestly say I see a big difference. Waking up to plump, rested, youthful skin is a dream! The only serum I'll be using from now on. Please, please make a body oil version. I adore the scent!

Must Have Product

Excellent product. I use it every day. This is my 3rd bottle....love it. Will be part of my beauty regime for the foreseeable 😁
My mum and sister are now using it too.

5 ⭐️

This serum smells amazing and leaves your skin so hydrated after using 😍 will definitely be buying this again 🥰

Luxurious hydrating miracle serum

This has to be the ultimate skin therapy serum. I feel my skin has become soft and hydrated after using it once daily for 2 weeks. It has also eliminated blemishes and spots. I would be reluctant to use any other products now as I have used several different types before but none had the same desired effect. This product is now essential in my skincare regime and for the future.

Luxury Facial in a Bottle

I have been using The Ultimate Serum every day for a few weeks now, and it has transformed my skin. I call it my ‘facial in a bottle’ because upon opening the product you’re greeted with the most beautiful spa like scents from the organic essential oils. It absorbs into the skin straight away which is perfect as I have oily skin, whereas other oil-based serums I’ve used in the past tend to leave a sticky residue on the skin! I like to apply this overnight and I wake up to the softest skin that looks as if it’s glowing from within. Dab some extra drops onto the cheekbones too for a natural highlight! New holy grail skincare product 🙌🏽

U live revie

I love the way my skin feels after using it. I love the smell and my skin feels really soft and hydrated.

Stunning product

Love this serum my skin feels so soft and healthy since I’ve started using it ive also already noticed a difference in the pigmentation on my skin this is my new favourite skin care product ❤️❤️

Simply amazing

Wow. My skin has never looked so good or felt so nourished! After applying ULive’s oil I feel like I’m shining / glowing 🤗

Amazing stuff

Bought these for Christmas presents for friends as I bought for myself a while back and absolutely love it. It’s amazing. My skin has never looked or felt better.

Amazing product, skin feels amazing since iv started using this serum , brilliant service, quick delivery, will definitely be purchasing again x

Great product

I love it best ever

Love this Serum!

This serum is so soft on the skin and really soothing. Full of lovely ingredients including all the vital vitamins for your skin. Would 100% recommend this serum. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my complexion and an improvement in some acne scarring since i've started using the serum. Congrats, well done and thank you to ULive Organics for creating such a lovely product! x

Dream Skin

I absolutely could not live without this product now. My skin feels so amazing and hydrated. Just a few drops on the skin at night and in the morning makes your skin more plumped. Absolutely no dry patches of skin now and it has improved fine lines and the overall look of my skin from day one. I use this before my normal moisturiser and as a result need less of my expensive moisturiser as my skin is so hydrated. Cannot recomend it highly enough.

A beautiful product

Lots of love goes into making this beautiful product. The product itself is gorgeous, as well as the packaging and the smell. Would highly recommend if you want to achieve bright and illuminated skin!

Fantastic product

I have tried many serums and oils for many years and I have to say this is my favourite. I put 2-3 drops on my skin every morning and night and my skin feels rejuvenated. I cannot recommend it enough.

Beautifully soft skin

Very natural product, feels beautiful and luxurious on my skin, I use at night, in the morning my skin feel hydrated andrrestored

Hello youthful, plumped, dewy skin!

I use this oil every night before bed. It smells amazingly uplifting and my skin always feels nourished and moisturised but the real magic happens as I sleep. When I awake in the morning, my skin looks so youthful and gorgeous. It's plumped, soft and dewy. Not a dry patch or wrinkle in sight. I've used more expensive oils in the past and been disappointed but Ulive oil is heavenly. I wouldn't use anything else now!