Who is ?

Ulive Organics was founded by duo Martha Hyland and Joanne Joyce under the guidance of world renowned, skincare expert Margaret Karlinksi.

Martha is a registered nurse, having dedicated thirty years service to the NHS and Joanne is a graduate of the National University of Galway.

Both share the same passion for creating organic skincare products and both hold qualifications in developing organic phyto-skincare cosmetics.

" Carefully applied, subtle make-up can do wonders for the self-esteem but good skincare is without a doubt, a fundamental to a beauty regimen. Looking after your skin will be worth the time and patience " - Martha

" I wouldn't advocate using anything that I don't use myself " - Joanne

We only use organic and natural ingredients for one simple reason - because what you put on your skin, goes skin deep.

We are so excited to share this beautiful serum we have created with you! x