Inci name (Citrus Aurantium Flower Oil)

This anti-ageing superhero with its heavenly scent of floral and bittersweet aroma, brings rejuvenating and regenerating benefits for all skin types including sensitive skin.

It helps to maintain moisture levels, preserving skin’s youthfulness and vitality.

Neroli is a beautifying skin oil which has the incredible potential to regenerate skin from scar tissue and promotes new cell growth. As a result, it is an ideal anti-ageing ingredient, promoting elasticity and moisture, resulting in plump and dewy flawless skin.

Known for its unique ability to combat stress, its deeply calming aroma soothes the nervous system, relieving anxiety and tension and resulting in an ultra-calming experience for the senses.

Neroli is also renowned for its potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. It is a unique sebum balancer which prevents infection and irritation in skin and protects against environmental stressors


Did you know that three beautiful essential oils grow on the bitter orange tree? It is no wonder that the synergize perfectly... We use the superhero Neroli known as the classic stress remedy, combined with Petitgrain essential oil, however we do not use bitter orange essential oil in our products as they are photo toxic and will react with sunlight. All three of these essential oils grow on the bitter orange tree.

The bitter orange Citrus Aurantium came as one of the first citrus species, so to speak as a vanguard, to Europe. Originating from China, it was the Arabs, with the help of which this citrus species was first spread throughout the Mediterranean and then brought to Italy by crusaders travelling to Palestine. In southern Spain, in the former Arab Andalusia, one can still see the wonderful bitter orange groves beside the former mosques. Due to its stature, the bitter orange Citrus Aurantium can be characterised as a very vigorous and upright growing plant.

It has deep green, strikingly beautiful leaves that grow on the stems that are unmistakably winged by bitter oranges. During the flowering period, which takes place mainly in the spring, it shines in a charming white and smells very pleasant, as we know it only from sweet oranges.

The spherical fruits have an uneven, rough peel and are flattened at their ends. The taste of Citrus Aurantium is slightly bitter and slightly sour. The rich orange colour of these gorgeous-looking exotics appears in late autumn. Even if you leave the fruits of your bitter orange Citrus Aurantium for months on the tree, they will not by any means get unsightly or spoil. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why the Arabs spread the bitter oranges in their kingdom in the first place: thanks to the blossoms and the orange fruit hanging for so long, they have both usefulness and ornamental value, and they are suitable for Moorish gardens as well as your terrace.

Essential oils are produced  by very complicated steam distillation.. However, to extract half a litre of this concentrate requires about 1,500 organic fruits. A single drop of this oil is just as strong as about 30 bitter orange tea bags. Because essential oils tend to be so highly concentrated, they are only used with precision in product making.