Sachi Inchi


Organic Sacha Inchi Seed Oil (Anti-aging Miracle)

INCI NAME (Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil)

Sacha Inchi is an outstanding, unique, delicate and easily absorbed plant oil, bursting with raw superfoods such as Omega 3 (48%) Omega 6 (35%) and Omega 9 (8%) yet not discovered in other plants.

Flawless for all skin types, especially acne and blemished skin. Its nourishing vitamins A and E soak into the skin, springing the skin rapidly to a healthier and youthful glow.

A powerhouse of super active nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. A unique balance of Omega 3,  6 and 9 essential fatty acids, that penetrate at cellular level for collagen formation. Enriched with Vitamin A (Retinol),  and Vitamin E, scientifically proven to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Antioxidant dense properties that protects the skin from external stressors and environmental damage

-  24-hour deep hydration for a dewy and luminous glow.

-  Prevents skin pigmentation and dark spots

-  Visibly optimises skin tone, pore reducing and acne prevention.

-  Rapidly repairs skin damage and fades scarring.

-  Boosts skin regeneration for a plump, radiant appearance

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This oil of confidence is cold pressed from the naked seeds and flesh of the exotic star-fruit. The organic Sacha Inchi tree is home to the native Amazonian jungle of South America and parts of the Caribbean. The star seed has been cultivated and used as a food source for 3,000 years in the Amazon rainforest. Regarded as one of the most concentrated sources of Omega 3 essential fatty acids 13x more than the salmon) available to you. Rich levels of Omega 3 reaching between 48%  and Linoleic acid (Omega 6) 35%. Also contains Oleic acid (Omega 9) 9% and a high concentration of Tocopherols specifically gamma and delta Tocopherols.

Its nourishing vitamins and minerals soak into the skin, springing the skin rapidly to a healthier and youthful glow. Its high levels of vitamin E and A. Suitable for all skin types, improving the nutritional status of the body.

A delicate, easily absorbed oil with a mild, slightly nutty, natural aroma. Organic Sacha Inchi oil is rich in protein, loaded with in Omega 3 (48%) and Omega 6 (35%) with some Omega 9 (9%).

It also has a high tocopherol content with over 190mg per 100ml (Gamma tocopherol: 119.70 mg/100g and Delta tocopherol: 73.7 mg/100g), an amino acid content of approximately 33% and alpha tocopherol vitamin E (antioxidants and iodine). Anti-ageing miracle benefits damaged or dry skin, aluminising beaming energy from deep within, repairing dull skin-cells.

Organic Sacha Inchi oil is an exceptional soothing moisturiser, repairing acne prone skin, evening skin tone and reduce scarring. Its anti-itch properties are appealing for eczema and psoriasis. Enjoy the power of nature with this oil and endure in effortless organic beauty.