Who is Martha Hyland ?

I grew up in rural Ireland on a farm. I have always felt a connection to the land and strive to be as sustainable as possible. Eating fresh organic produce daily was the norm. Emigrating to the UK, I continued to embrace my passion for nature and its beauty. From country walks to forest escapes or strolls on the beach.
My love for the healing power of nature led me to grow an edible garden and to cook from scratch! ……..
I embarked in a career in Nursing, became a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, compounded my studies completing General Nurse training and worked for the NHS for 30 years. I also spent 12 years as a community Psychiatric nurse in the diverse borough of Harrow in London.
Throughout my career I have observed that a poor diet, lack of exercise, stress related and sleeping problems can play havoc with your skin and your health.
Its not only what you put in your body that is important but what you put on your Body. Your skin is the window to your inner health.
It is not surprising that many health conditions often manifest initially through the skin and in other circumstances advanced health conditions shows in the skin.
The devastating psychological effects experienced by people with skin care problems often leads to poor self-esteem, lack of confidence and in other cases avoidance behaviour, instead refusing to go out and meet others.
Despite trying numerous skin care products, I found very few suited my sensitive skin and as a result I rarely wore make up and resorted to natural remedies that I found in my kitchen.
In 2017 our passion for Organic skin care products grew.
We enrolled on a Diploma in the Development of Organic Phyto-Skincare Cosmetics passing with distinctions!!
We were taught by the expert Margaret Karlinski